Monthly Archives: November 2016

Mr. Smith – Warning Label (Acoustic)


Mr. Smith – Warning Label (Acoustic)

Fans asked and he answered. The debut pop singer Mr. Smith delivers new acoustic and visual of his top 20 debut single, Warning Label.


Cocoy Claravall and Deri Susino – Be Free


Cocoy Claravall and Deri Susino – Be Free

This is a breakup song, and talks about letting go of the one you love. Written and produced by Cocoy Claravall, and performed by Deri Susino.

Shifty Eyes – Nowhere Featuring Mitchelle L


Shifty Eyes – Nowhere Featuring Mitchelle L

Official lyric video by Shifty Eyes Ft. Mitchelle L, Produced by C Gutta, recorded in Atlanta GA. Shifty teamed up with Mitchelle L while on tour to reflect the emotional strains the life of a musician can bring to a relationship with your boo.