Dr Ish – Your Love


Dr Ish – Your Love

Official video for YOUR LOVE by Dr. Ish.


Osian – He Arose


Osian – He Arose

He Arose is a new contemporary Christian song. The music was performed and recorded by Osian in London, England in November 2017. The original music and lyrics are by Texas songwriter, Kameron Searle.

Velvet Razor – I Dream of You


Velvet Razor – I Dream of You

A stop frame animation of artist mannequins playing musical instruments in a rock video. Directed by Ivor Kemra. Animation by Surtop Stat. From the new Velvet Razor album – Stonehenge welcomes careful drivers (released in 2017)

Valentino Mitaj – Beautiful People


Valentino Mitaj – Beautiful People

Valentino Mitaj is already a bonafide pop star in Europe. The music features traditional folk beats and instruments, set to an updated contemporary tempo. Now based in Detroit and LA, Valentino is looking to change the game with his energetic tunes.